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In a Las Gaviotas Rosarito Beach Condo, you will use private recreational facilties of Tennis, Children's playground, Beach Volleyball, Shuffleboard, Heated Olympic size pool, Heated Jacuzzi and private beaches without beggars and curio sales. In a Rosarito Beach Condo in Las Gaviotas (incorrectly called los gaviotas or las gaviotos), you will have the safety and security of a walled and gated, exclusive, private American resort community which provides secure parking for you car, right at the Rosarito Beach Condo you rent. In a Las Gaviotas Condo in Rosarita Beach, you will be protected by a staff of bi-lingual security guards who perform walking patrols every hour - day and night and from noisy behaving neighbors with the security staff enforcing Homeowners' Association rules and regulations. In a Las Gaviotas Rosarito Beach Condo, your friends and family members will be safe and protected in any location of the private resort community.

Rosarito Beach Condo
153 Los Pelicanos Este

(Villa de Espuma)
Las Gaviotas Rosarito Beach
66 Los Pelicanos Oeste

(Villa de Buena Vista)
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67Alta Los Pelicanos Oeste

(Villa del Nido de Aguila)
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4 Los Pelicanos Este

(Villa de Vasco #4)
Las Gaviotas Rosarito
6 Los Pelicanos Este

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Rosarito Beach Condos
67B Los Pelicanos Oeste

(Villa de la Paloma)